Our Needs

Foundation 18 runs on a very limited budget and as such relies heavily on the kindness of strangers to help with providing an enriched environment for the children to grow.

If you would like to send items our postal address can be found on the contact page.

If you are sending items from Australia please contact Cate Bolt as she is happy to bring these in her luggage when she visits, four times per year.

Clothes – we have 12 girls in our group home. Clothing is welcome in sizes 4 – 14. As Bali is a warm climate year round items such as new or gently loved t-shirts, shorts, summer dresses and new girl’s underwear and pyjamas are in high demand. We have a number of kids – both boys and girls – in our non-residential care, summer clothing in all sizes is of use.

Shoes – We supply runners required for school to a number of children in the village. We can always use childrens sport shoes for both boys and girls in a variety of sizes. New shoes only for health reasons, please.

Books & Stationery – items such as educational books in English and Bahasa would be appreciated. Stationery items such as pens, pencils, textas, crayons, scrap books, exercise books will all be very much appreciated.

Toys – Educational items such as building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, Mobilo, Lego, Playdoh etc are all very welcome.

If the cost of posting items is prohibitive please consider making a cash donation via the “donate” page.



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