Education Outreach

During our travels we came across many children who didn’t meet the requirements for acceptance into the orphanage (ie both parents were still living) but who were socially disadvantaged by the inability to afford to go to school.

Foundation 18, Indonesia offers education sponsorships for children who would otherwise be unable to attend school. Our sponsorship pays for the Administration/Building fees on enrolment and the annual tuition for each child.

Sponsorship also covers things like uniforms, stationery, backpacks, learning resources and costs of excursions and incursions where appropriate. In some cases we can also contribute to transport costs to get a child to and from school, and in extreme cases will also deliver a monthly quota of food staples to ensure that the child is well nourished and able to learn.

Children within the program are required to meet strict attendance standards and maintain an academic achievement level suitable to their abilities. 

The program currently covers elementary, junior high and senior high school levels. We hope to extend it also to university study in the future.



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