Elder Care

When Foundation 18 was established in Ringdikit our focus was on ensuring the youngest and most vulnerable were being cared for. In our travels, however, we came across many very elderly people who were living in terrible conditions and practically waiting to die, quite often from starvation.

We didn’t think this was an acceptable outcome for many elderly who have worked hard all their lives.

There are no nursing homes or ‘Meals on Wheels’ for the elderly of Ringdikit. No life insurance, no funeral funds. 

Elder Care was established in July 2012, inspired by Diwi – an 87 year old woman we found waiting to die from starvation in a chicken shed. Like many elderly people in our village, she had no family to care for her and was too sick to be able to work for her own pay – she was left to rely on the generosity of her village – people who were struggling to feed their own families.

Foundation 18′s Elder Care is a fund specifically designated to the care of Ringdikit’s senior citizens. Our first priority each month is food, second is medical care and third is establishing a funeral fund to allow the elderly to be able to be cremated in accordance with their religious beliefs at the time of their passing. Ideally we would receive enough sponsorship to be able to rent a group home to house those living in inadequate living conditions, with staff to take care of cooking and cleaning.

Donations or monthly sponsorship through this page will be attributed to Elder Care only.

We currently have six senior citizens in our Elder Care program.

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