Foundation 18 Indonesia relies heavily on your kindness. A small donation in US dollars goes a long way in Bali!

For example:

$5 will buy rice for a family in our non-residential program for one week. This will often mean the difference between a child begging on the streets or not.

$10 will feed a child in our residential program for a week. Our children received a balance diet of three meals and 2 snacks per day.

$20 will provide petrol for our scooter for one month, this allows us to visit all the children in our non-residential program and deliver rice to their families.

$50 will provide an annual medical check up, immunisations and basic medications for a child in our care for 1 year.

$100 will pay the wages of one of our full-time carers for one week.

$200 will pay the rent for our group home for one month

$250 will cover the costs of educating a child in our care for one year.

You can make a donation to Foundation 18, Indonesia via Paypal by clicking on the “donate” button below.

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